Complimentary Home Evaluation Consultation


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We hope that this blog post finds you and your family healthy and safe. Since mid-March, many of us have taken advantage of the extra time to evaluate our goals and re-imagine our plans for the future.

As your home is a major asset in your financial portfolio, we would like to offer you a Home Evaluation Consultation to give you the opportunity to learn about your home’s value from a professional real estate advisor.

Why is it important to know the current value of your Home?

  1. To determine the equity you have in your home.
  2. To ensure that your insurance coverage is adequate for replacement.
  3. To evaluate your overall financial plan — especially considering current low mortgage interest rates.
  4. To potentially access funds for deferred maintenance and/or upgrades to further increase your home’s value.
  5. To evaluate whether your current home is providing you with the lifestyle you desire.

We are here to advise you and look forward to connecting in the future. Please feel free to call/text/email any our our team members, or use the contact form above.

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