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Fulfilling Lifestyle Dreams

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  • White Glove Personal Service
    Meticulous, over-the-top care and attention
  • Concierge Customer Care
    Direct access to full-time, customer care team member
  • Experience & Expertise
    30+ years and $1 billion in Sarasota Luxury Real Estate
  • Negotiating Skills
    Adepts at negotiating the best price to buy or sell real estate
  • Pricing Accuracy
    Knowledge of market conditions and in-depth market analysis
  • Personalized Showings
    Guided tours highlighting every selling point
  • Picture Perfect
    Curated, high-resolution photos, videos and 3D tours for an enhanced online presence
  • Innovative Marketing
    Consistent and continuous exposure until home is sold

The Result

Outstanding results and value by delivering the highest quality of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients – every transaction, every day.

The Proof

Our recent sales demonstrate the value we consistently create for our clients. That’s why choosing the Peter G. Laughlin Group to get a higher return from the sale of your home is a very smart choice.

I am writing on behalf of my husband and myself and our experience with Natalie as our agent. We have moved around quite a lot over the last 7 years, lived in multiple homes, and had to use even more agents (even from another country) to accomplish this throughout that time. Our experience with Natalie, however, has been extraordinary!

There is no comparison to the level of service, respect and care in handling important or urgent matters, attention, consideration and thoughtfulness. She truly went above and beyond her “job description” from start to finish. We are not only very impressed, but have made ourselves clients for life.

We started our journey in Florida, went to Texas, Texas to New Zealand, and found ourselves back here, once again, in Florida. Natalie made herself available with my husband’s difficult work schedule on a short trip he made to Florida last year to look at several homes she helped us pick out as potential buys. She was very well informed, knew all the answers to our questions, and had helpful information about the areas. Anything she wasn’t able to provide, she did so immediately with a follow-up the next day or put us in contact with whoever could help us.

Although our original picks were not something we chose from, Natalie was able to pin-point a new selection with extreme accuracy to what we wanted and were in search for. She made special accommodations for us since we were out of the country and could not make another trip by doing video walk-thru tours of the homes so we could experience them as if in real life! It was perfect!

We had some difficulties in the purchasing process related to paper work and deadlines, and Natalie was on top of it every step of the way keeping everyone in the loop and on time with target deadlines. She even offered to go out of her way personally to ship the necessary documents to us via express to ensure a smooth and timely closing.

We were unable to arrive immediately to the house, and she came to observe the necessary repairs and maintenance that needed to be done as well as checking on the house for us. When we did finally arrive, it was almost 2:00 in the morning. We came to find easy access, beautiful home touches like a few house lilies and orchids, sleeping bags/bedding/blow up beds for each of us, all the kitchen and home essentials to get us through the first couple nights, and even some entertainment toys for the little ones.

Natalie is not only an outstanding agent who went above and beyond, but a beautiful person deserving of the much earned respect and recognition for her hard work and efforts. It is my hope that in this letter she can be highlighted for the amazing person she is and the quality, care, and love she puts into her work.

I am so happy to have had such an amazing woman help make such a stressful and difficult process go smoothly and without the level of stress it could have been moving 4 little ones to another country again.

Julie L. Review

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