Granada Park Green Construction

Green home construction: What is it and how can you be assured your new home meets green standards?

Green building practices, when employed in construction and development, improve the living environment for residents and reduce the project’s environmental impacts. National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS) certification goes well beyond saying a home is energy efficient; it provides independent, third-party verification that a home is designed and built to achieve high performance in six key areas:

  • Site Design
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Building Operation & Maintenance

If you are discerning, environmentally-conscious individual, the homes at Granada Park align with your sensibilities. They are NGBS certified with a focus on the following attributes:

Healthy Homes

  • Providing fresh air ventilation that improves indoor air quality
  • Limiting pollutants and contaminants in the home
  • Preventing moisture problems that can contribute to mold and attract pests

Lower Operating Costs

  • Reducing utility costs through cost-effective energy and water efficiency practices
  • Controlling maintenance costs through durable construction and product selection
  • Providing technical and educational resources to ensure the home’s optimum performance

Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Promoting walkability
  • Reducing home maintenance through enhanced durability
  • Preserving natural resources through responsible land development practices

A detailed list of NGBS mandatory construction practices are listed in the PDF below.

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