The South experienced a net population gain from movers coming in from other regions of the United States. Florida received the most movers from other states. Los Angeles County had the highest number of people moving out, but also had the highest number moving in.

These are just a few of the highlights in three recently released U.S. Census Bureau data products on migration at different geographic levels. Migration or geographic mobility refers to the movement of people from one location of residence to another.

Movers to and from the South make up the largest domestic migration flows at the regional level. Many especially large flows at the state and county levels are in the South or in the West. Some of the largest state- and county-level flows are to or from Florida, California or Arizona.

The 2017 American Community Survey (ACS) state-to-state migration flows table provides estimates of the number of people in the United States moving between geographies within the past year. These geographies include the 50 states and District of Columbia and abroad (including Puerto Rico).

  • Moving to Florida. Florida had the most domestic inmovers, with 566,476 people moving from another state within the past year. The states with the next highest inmigration flows are Texas with 524,511 and California with 523,131. Texas and California do not differ statistically.

New York contributed the most to Florida’s inflow with 63,722 people moving from New York to Florida. This flow is between regions, from the Northeast to the South. The second-highest contributor was Georgia with 38,800 inmovers.

Source: U.S. Census

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