My home buying experience with the Peter G. Laughlin Group could not have been better. The PGL team led by Natalie Tanner made the process as smooth as I could have possibly imagined.

As a “remote buyers,” I would consider our needs quite special. Natalie did a full evaluation and assessment of the home on our behalf. When the decision to purchase was made, she and the team led a quick, fair and successful price negotiation process. She then immediately plugged us into her network of capable and highly responsive support groups, including mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, legal teams and inspection companies.

Natalie drove the collection of all necessary reports and other key documents for us while we were living some 10,000 miles away. This required her to communicate with us at any hour of her day and night. Post-closing, she periodically looked in on the house to make sure it was going to remain in proper condition until occupancy.

The whole process, although never simple, was as easy and flawless as could be. Thanks Natalie for all of your hard and tireless work and perfect follow-up on the many issues we confronted. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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