Looking to sell your home quickly? Let’s take a look at what homebuyers really want. According to National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), homebuyers are mainly interested in energy efficiency and organization/storage. With these top 15 features below, you can update your real estate directed to what today’s buyers want and are willing to pay for.

1) Brand Name Appliances/ Energy-Star Rated Appliances (94%)

Instead of the focus on appearance throughout the home, when looking for appliances, the focus is on quality and brand name.

2) Separate Laundry Room (93%)

The most essential of all rooms; 57% would not buy a luxury home without it. It should have energy-star rated appliances, storage space, a sink, and additional electrical outlets.

3) Exterior Lighting (90%)

The most-wanted outdoors feature including wall lanterns and landscape lights that make an attractive first impression. Energy efficient options include LED and Solar Lights.

4) Exhaust Fan in Bathroom (90%)

Venting is a necessity; especially in Sarasota to remove excess moisture.

5) Bathroom Linen Closet (90%)

A desirable need that will help with storage in a luxury home.

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6) Energy Star-Qualified Windows (89%)

Energy-star qualified windows include multiple panes, low-e glass, and warm edge spacers that help reduce utility bills.

7) Garage Storage Space (86%)

Keeping the clutter out of the main living area but still easily accessible is a huge advantage.

8) Eat-In Kitchens (85%)

Especially wanted by families with children, eating together is a crucial aspect of life.

9) Walk-In Kitchen Pantry (85%)

Adjustable additional storage in the kitchen is a big plus for potential homebuyers.

10) Patio (83%)

Enjoy the tropical weather in Sarasota with a patio to be able to entertain your guests.

11) Main Level Full Bath (81%)

Accessibility is a concern with real estate that has two floors.

12) Front Porch (80%)

Continue to enjoy the tropical landscape and exterior lighting with a front porch.

13) Recessed Lighting (59%)

Allowing more space in the room, recessed lighting also can provide energy efficient options such as LED and dimming controls.

14) Shower & Tub in Master Bath (51%)

30% of buyers reject a luxury home if there is only a shower in the master bath.

15) Wireless Home Security System (50%)

With the technology advancing, more homebuyers want wireless security for their new home.

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